Occupational Accidents

We specialize in the delicate processes of these truly sensitive cases

Occupational accidents require a specialised approach, due to the combination of identifying the party at fault and obtaining immediate and effective medical support to treat injuries.

We use a comprehensive methodology to seek claims from occupational accidents, with exact steps until vindication.

Specialised Legal
Support Team

Serious injuries in the workplace are traumatic events that leave their mark on the lives of the victims and their families, often for long periods of time, if not forever. Serious injuries often occur in heavy industry, especially when raising and transporting goods and other items. However, sometimes workplace injuries can be caused by something wholly unforeseen, such as slippery floors or an unstable ladder.

Regardless of their occupational status, victims are entitled both to moral and financial compensation, and to support in order to restore their health. Granted, compensation payments may indeed offset some of the salaries lost during the time an employee is recovering from an injury, but they’re usually insufficient to cover the actual cost of an occupational accident, especially when said accident has caused serious physical health issues.

Claims for employee compensation are often complicated by insurance companies and employers, which makes it all the more important for the case to be handled by an experienced lawyer, capable of maximising the compensation employees can claim.

Comprehensive Action
for the Best Possible Outcome

We at IOANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES adhere to a strict procedure to claim compensation for occupational accidents.

To begin with, we discuss the issue in detail with our client, with the goal of painting a complete picture of the accident and planning our common approach.

Then, after being authorised, we gather all the necessary medical, financial, tax, and other documents necessary to support our client’s claim.

Upon completing the necessary steps to take the case to court on behalf of our client, we strive for the best possible outcome in accordance with the strategy we have agreed on.

We are here to support you, in both your private and your professional life. Our goal is for you to achieve your own goals.

Common Occupational

Common occupational accidents include:

  • Burns
  • Electrocution
  • Ocular damage, including temporary or permanent loss of sight
  • Partial or complete deafness
  • Bone fractures
  • Skin diseases or disorders
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Knee or ankle injuries
  • Neck, shoulder, or back injuries
  • Falls from roofs, ladders, or scaffolding
  • Injuries from falls or falling objects
  • Injuries or mutilation while handling tools or other objects

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