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Road accidents are sudden event for which nobody is ever ready and prepared. They’re terrifying, and cause all sorts of problems: financial, professional, even personal or emotional. These problems are then internalised, leading to hasty decisions, often with ugly results that we may not even realize.

We are at your side, to deal with the difficult circumstances of a car accident and help you get through the ordeal as painlessly as possible.

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Thousands of people lose their lives or suffer serious injury in road accidents in the EU every year. In Greece, the number of road accident victims remains significantly higher than the EU average: 65 deaths per million inhabitants (Source: European Council 4/8/2020). Road accidents remain a fact of life, one that requires immediate legal guidance and a comprehensive plan of action. Legal responses need to pay surgical attention to detail, and in many such cases lawyers are just as necessary as doctors.


At IOANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in legal coverage of Road Accidents, with experience and specialization in both the criminal and the civil aspects of accidents or collisions on the road (road accidents), at sea (maritime accidents), at work (workplace accidents), or cases of medical malpractice.

We offer secure, immediate solutions both in and out of court, in most cases with full coverage of all expenses until the end of proceedings

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Parties liable for compensation in case of a road accident are the following:

  1. The insurance company of the vehicle that caused the accident
  2. The owner of the vehicle that caused the accident
  3. The driver of the vehicle that caused the accident. All three parties have responsibility in full

Loss of life

In case of death of any of the parties involved in the incident, the following family members are entitled to compensation for mental anguish: Horizontally, spouses and siblings, and vertically, ascendants (parents, grandparents), and descendants (children and grandchildren). In exceptional cases, the sons/daughters/brothers/sisters-in-law of the deceased may be awarded compensation for mental anguish.

Bodily injuries

In cases of road accidents, all persons who suffered damages stemming from the accident, whether bodily injuries or material damages, are entitled to compensation.

Hospital Expenses

The following expenses constitute hospital expenses:

  • Expenses for medical visits, x-ray scans, medical examinations, payment for medical opinions, etc.
  • Purchases of parapharmaceutical products (medication, crutches, bandages, items for the handicapped, prosthetic limbs, etc.)
  • Transport costs for hospital transit with ambulance, and payment for private nurses
  • Future hospital expenses
  • Private nurses – domestic assistants
  • Improved diet
  • Loss of income
  • Allowances
  • Moral damage
  • Moral damage, Civil Code, article 931.

Material damage

Vehicles are important assets, and any damage or destruction caused to them is liable to provoke all manner of hardship. Clients may seek monetary compensation for both material and moral damages in this case.

Compensations may be sought through various different procedures, and are the following:

  • Vehicle material damage
  • Reduction in vehicle commercial value
  • Taxi fares or leasing fees due to unavailability of the vehicle involved in the collision
  • Transport and Custody of vehicle
  • Destroyed personal effects
  • Moral damages due to material damages

In-court and out-of-court procedures

  • Guidance before traffic police deposition. The deposition a client gives to the traffic police is crucial for the damages they may receive. Omissions or poor descriptions at this stage may negatively impact the possibility of full compensation: Counterparties exploit them in order to cast doubt on the fault of the PP or to allege contributory fault for the accident.
  • News on the progress of the case file and timely receipt
  • Interviews for further clarifications on the conditions of the client’s Road Incident.
  • Analysis of the conditions of the road accident. Photographing and creation of a collision layout. Other actions to establish the non-fault-based nature of the client’s involvement in the Road Incident.
  • Cooperation with a service shop to repair the vehicle, and with the expert tasked with drawing up an estimate of material damages to the vehicle.
  • Cooperation with doctors for the preparation of medical opinions that confirm injuries and the full extent of their consequences, as well as the possibility of all future injuries or disabilities.

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