Golden Visa

5-Year Residence Permit for Real Estate Investors

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The Hellenic state offers foreign nationals who are willing to invest at least 250.000 Euro to purchase real estate the opportunity to obtain a renewable 5-year residence permit, for the investor and the members of their family.

In accordance with Law 4146/2013), investors who invest capital of at least 250.000 Euro as well as the members of their families may be granted a renewable residence permit, as long as they remain owners of the property they purchased. The permit also allows free travel within the EU.

The prerequisites to receive a residence permit in Greece are the following:

  • Ownership of real estate
  • In cases of joint ownership of real estate worth 250.000 Euro, the joint owners must be spouses.
  • In all other cases of joint ownership, each investment must amount to at least 250.000 Euro.
  • In cases of ownership of multiple real estate properties, the total value of all the properties must exceed 250.000 Euro.
  • If the real estate was purchased by a corporation, the single shareholder of the corporation is entitled to the permit.

Interested foreign investors may enter Greece with a type-D Visa, and must have completed the procedure for the purchase of the real estate and submitted their 5-year residence permit before the Visa expires. Before the 5-year permit expires, the investor must submit a request to have it renewed for another 5 years, under the condition that they still have ownership over the real estate. Beneficiaries are not required to live for a certain period of time in Greece in order to obtain the permit.

Frequently Asked

  1. I am a foreign, non-EU-country national who owns or intends to acquire a property in Greece, either as a natural person or as a shareholder in a legal entity or having concluded a lease in a tourist property. Am I eligible to obtain a residence permit after purchasing the real estate? If I am, what is the relevant procedure?
  2. To which service must I submit my application for a residence permit? What are the required documents?
  3. Am I permitted to purchase more than one real estate property of lesser value than the 250.000 Euro threshold each but that, together, equal or surpass this sum?
  4. Am I obligated to prove the sources of my income?
  5. Does my residence permit also entitle me to seek employment or engage in financial activities?
  6. Which of my family members are eligible for a residence permit? Do my children have access to the Hellenic public education system? Do I have access to the national health system?
  7. Am I entitled to apply for Greek citizenship in the future?
  8. Am I permitted to travel within the Schengen area with my entry visa or residence permit?
  9. I already live in Greece under a residence permit, as a financially independent individual. Does the ownership of real estate entitle me to change my residence permit to a 5-year one?
  10. I have entered Greece on a tourist entry visa in order to purchase a property. Am I entitled to apply for a residence permit?
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