The Firm

We take on cases in Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Administrative, and Banking Law.


The very simple idea at the heart of any legal professional is to decode the facts and to transpose them to the practical application of justice, in order to combine the technical advocacy with the thorough understanding of the terms of the challenge they are required to solve.

Challenge is part of the legal profession and we at the law firm IOANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES find inspiration in challenges. We are driven by the vision of consistently and professionally achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

The firm, headed by Yiannis Marakakis, has an able legal team and experienced administrative staff while it collaborates with an extensive network of professionals and researchers, including doctors, economists, engineers, notaries etc. throughout Greece, as well as with European, American, Israeli, and Dubai law firms.

To further implement its strategic goals, the firm has widened their activities and invested in infrastructure and innovative technological systems.

Today the company stands out for its expertise in accidents on the road, in the air, at sea, at work.

However, the firm’s successes in the demanding field of criminal law place her among the first as a choice in complex criminal trials of private clients and legal entities.

Fields of

Fields of law we specialise in:

  • Criminal Law: Financial crime, medical malpractice, property crime, defamation, verbal abuse, fraud, cybercrime, robbery, domestic violence, etc.
  • Road Accidents – Compensation
  • Commercial Law: Trademarks, GDPR, Corporate Law, Securities
  • Occupational Accidents
  • Maritime Accidents – Compensation
  • Family Law: Divorces by mutual consent or in court, awarding of alimony to children and/or spouses, custody of children and right to communicate with children, surrogacy, etc.
  • Inheritance Law: Publication of will, waivers of succession, inheritance disputes
  • Interim Measures
  • Banking Law
  • Property Management: Leasing, ownership verification, sales and purchases, Cadastre, etc.
  • Golden Visa
  • Legal Consultation

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