Maritime Accidents

We offer the most effective support, no matter the complexity of the maritime accident

Maritime accidents and illnesses related to maritime work are some of the most common cases of occupational accidents. Indeed, the legal process to receive compensation is often quite convoluted.

We at IOANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES have extensive experience in representing and winning compensation for Greek and foreign sailors who suffered maritime accidents and their families.

and Experience

Knowledge, experience, and expertise in the demanding
field of maritime law

Occupational accidents involving maritime law are significantly different from those that often happen on land. In the case of an injury while aboard a (commercial or passenger) vessel or at naval facilities such as wharfs and oil rigs, it is imperative for the victim and their family to receive strong legal support from experienced maritime lawyers.

Legal support for vindication in maritime accidents

We at IOANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES have extensive experience in representing both Greek and foreign sailors, and their families, in cases of accidents during their service aboard ships.

The firm has handled a plethora of cases before Greek and foreign courts, successfully representing private individuals, groups of sailors, or entire crews, and their families, in cases of severe, multi-person maritime accidents and shipwrecks, winning major compensation for property as well as moral damages.

1.3 million Euro in compensation to a Greek sailor who suffered a maritime accident

Common Maritime

Maritime accidents are an ugly experience that can affect employees in a number of different maritime professions. Here are some of them:

  • Burns from naval explosions
  • Bone fractures from falls while on board
  • Head, neck, or spinal cord injuries from falls.
  • Crushing by cargo crane
  • Falling overboard after consuming alcohol or narcotic substances, with the possibility of drowning
  • Falling overboard from a ladder or handrail, with the possibility of drowning
  • Suffocation from fumes in the cargo holds
  • Infection with infectious diseases
  • Death in an on-board explosion
  • Road accident while en route to embark for service on the ship

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