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We support your commercial values

Modern business activity is intrinsically linked with perpetual commercial development, and today, the need to manage regulatory risks and thrive in a competitive environment is higher than ever.

We at IOANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES possess extensive experience in providing legal counsel for businesses when getting started or drafting contracts as part of their commercial activities, as well as legal support both in and out of court.

The Best-Quality

Providing legal services in crucial fields of entrepreneurship, such as founding status, trademarks, employment and benefits, the labour environment, intellectual property, finance, and tax law is essential to protect and cover all issues connected to commercial enterprises. Armed with such services, businesses can function smoothly and confidently, making the most of modern market opportunities.

Our firm cooperates with specialised partners, such as finance experts and tax consultants, to offer the most effective and reliable legal support possible.


Our firm offers, among others, the following commercial-law services:

  • Setting up companies of all types
  • Establishment of foreign companies
  • Legal counsel to foreign companies regarding the available alternative forms they may use to set up a company in Greece.
  • Drafting of commercial contracts, corporate contracts, and external agreements
  • Issues of consumer protection
  • Collection of trade receivables
  • Representation of corporations before public authorities and in court.
  • Procedures for the registration of trademarks
  • Protection of partner rights
  • Protection from illegal management actions
  • Compensation from company management

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