Criminal Law Cases

Our firm has a long-standing, successful presence in criminal courts

We are proud of our victories in criminal cases. Headed by Yiannis Marakakis, our firm has successfully, responsibly, and confidently defended the interests of both private individuals and important companies.

Legal Team

We are at our clients’ side, no matter the complexity of the legal proceedings. Our firm is staffed by an effective group of partners, all specialised in Criminal Law, who responsibly, discreetly, and consistently defend the interests of our clients.

We invest in the specialization, legal education, and academic development of our partners, a fact that gives us a competitive edge.

The team analyses each case separately and follows the rules of the problem solving method to solve problems. Our partners’ team spirit, experience, and specialization, together with the detailed analysis of our client’s problem, ensures successful outcomes in court.

Criminal proceedings are the “domain” of logic

Effective Protection &
Legal Defence

At IOANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES, we take on common offences, financial crime cases, and organised crime cases, treating each of our clients with gravity and responsibility regardless of the legal or financial impact of their case.

We possess the competitive edge

Our clients come to us because they know they will be represented by specialised, professional criminal lawyers, and will receive the necessary attention, preparation, and attention to detail each defendant or complainant in a criminal case deserves.
Today, our firm counts among its many laurels successes in criminal cases such as the following:

  • Representation of the defendants in the TT Hellenic Postbank case
  • Representation of the defendants in the Siemens slush funds case
  • Representation of dozens of athletes in anti-doping criminal proceedings
  • Representation and acquittal of Olympic champion Fani Chalkia
  • Representation of family members of victims of maritime accidents
  • Representation of the defendants in the Kalashnikov Robbery Gang case
  • Representation and civil action within criminal proceedings in numerous cases of perjurious tax officials from large Tax Authorities, as well as cases concerning the law on embezzlers of the State and misappropriation of public money and Community funds

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