In Law firm Marakakis and Partners we are proud of our success in criminal cases. We have a well-trained team of partners, fully specialized in the key field of Criminal Law, so that we are able to defend effectively your interests. The criminal lawyers of our Company, exercise consistently their tasks by serving until the end the representation mandate entrusted to us, always with confidentiality and responsibility.

The difference from other law firms is that we are investing in specialization, scientific training and academic development of our partners, so that they have excess knowledge and experience to successfully manage the cage assigned to us. Thus, depending on the nature of the case, it is assigned to the lawyer who practices law at the related subject, always under the strict supervision of Ioannis Marakakis.

The Law firm Marakakis and Partners undertakes cases of common criminal law, economic crimes and organized crime, approaching each time with seriousness and responsibility the client, regardless of the legal or financial gravity of his/her case.

Until today, we have successfully completed more than 1000 criminal cases, within which the representation of defendants at the popular case of Siemens’ slush funds, the representation of dozens of athletes for breaching the criminal law about doping, the defence and acquittal of Olympic champion Fani Chalkia, the representation of families in marine accidents, the representation of the defendants at the case of the gang thieves with Kalashnikovs, the defence and civil claiming at many cases of large Tax offices tax collectors’ forswear, to cases of law offenders about abusing and squanders of Public money and Community funds, are included.

The cooperation with our Company is the best choice for the defence of your case by eminent lawyers, who decently, without exaggerations and welter of words, will succeed at the court audience battle.