The criminal and civil confrontation of a tragedy consequential of a medical error requires the combination of medical and legal science. It alleges the infringement of the greatest wealth of the victim’s Health and the management of the compensation for medical errors requires the highest professional level, as it faces the defense of reputation and reliability of doctors and medical institutions.

Many people are not aware of the possibility of successful management of medical negligence cases in our country. The Greek Courts have been harmonized with the requirements and directives of European Courts and judge cases of compensation of medical negligence victims, a fact that has imposed on doctors and hospitals their mandatory insurance coverage “just in case”.

The handling of these cases presupposes cooperation of competent and experienced forensic experts, medical experts, experts, technical consultants and legal experts. The medical documentation within legal frameworks and the understandable, highly knowledgeable and therefore effective communication in the Court is the key to the understanding of the case by the Court, so that justice is given and all the steps for the better possible repair of the damage are followed.