Our law firm, having extensive experience and expertise at real estate law, provides its clients with information and advice on matters related to the purchase, sale and rent of property. Besides the advice, for the better, faster and safer service of our clients, our Legal Service provides our clients with specialized legal services of high level by undertaking the research of the legal and title status of the property at the competent Land Registry and/or Cadastral Office, the preparation of the contracts as well as their legal representation at simple or complex property transactions.

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Frequently asked questions on matters related to property owners in Greece

• I am a third-country citizen who own or intend to acquire property in Greece, either as an individual or as holder / owner of shares in a legal entity or having concluded a lease to a tourist property. May I acquire a residency permit in country, after the purchase of the property? If yes, which procedure shall I follow?
• At which service shall I submit the residency permit request? Which documents are necessary?
• May I acquire more than one property with independent value of less than 250,000 Euros and total value equal to or greater than this amount?
• Am I obliged to disclose the source of my incomes?
• Does my residency permit provides me with the ability to work or exercise financial activity?
• How many family members of mine are entitled to residency permit? Do my children have access to public education? Do I have access to health system?
• Am I entitled to request the Greek nationality in the future?
• Am I entitled to travel within the Schengen zone with the visa or residency permit?
• I already live in the country with a residence permit as a financially independent person. Am I entitled to turn my residency permit to 5years, due to ownership of property?
• I have entered Greece with visa in order to purchase a property. May I request a residency permit?