Our law firm is specialized in criminal and civil confrontation of accident cases that took place on the road (car accident), at the sea (marine accident), on the labour (labour accident) or were caused by medical negligence. Accident is like earthquake, it always finds us unprepared, unfortified and weak. It terrifies and surprises us and creates dead ends of any kind, psychological, economic and even emotional. The emotions are transmitted to the environment and this bitter feeling often leads to wrong choices, which are proven as such in retrospect.

The road accident is first injurious cause for the total of the European countries, with rates that unfortunately remain extremely high. It is however a fact that when raised in our lives, needs direct guidance and (except for the obvious medical) specialized legal defence. The lawyer handling shall be executed with “surgical” detail, and this often makes the lawyer more necessary than a doctor.
Across Europe, every year, almost 45.000 people lose their lives in car accidents and 1.600.000 are injured.


Liable for compensation are 1) the insurance company of the injurious car 2) the owner of the injurious car 3) the driver of the injurious car. All the three of them are severally liable.


In case someone involved in the incident loses his life, the following living relatives are entitled to compensation for mental anguish: in horizontal line husbands/wives and siblings and in vertical line the ascendants (parents, grandparents) and descendants (children and grandchildren). In special cases, daughters and sons in law of the deceased, are also entitled to compensation.


In case of car accident, all persons who may suffer injuries from the accident (body injuries, property damages or other) are entitled to compensation.


Expenditures for hospital fees include:
-medical visits, x-rays, medical results, medical advice, doctor fees etc
-purchase of para- pharmaceutical products (medicine, crutches, bandages, wheel products, artificial limbs etc)
-hospital transportation fees and payment of exclusive nurse
Expenditures for future hospital fees
Expenditures for exclusive nurse-maids
Expenditures for improved nutrition
Loss of income
Moral damage
Moral damage of art 931 Civil Code


You may claim the following amounts:
1) material damage of the vehicle
2) Reduction of the vehicle’s commercial value
3) Use of Taxi or car rental due to the damage of your vehicle
4) Transportation and storage of the vehicle
5) Destroyed personal items
7) Moral damage due to property damages

It is a normal situation to be emotionally attached to your vehicle or your vehicle be an important asset of your property. So, the damages caused to your vehicle (and even worse its destruction) bring you great sadness. Moreover, the repair of your vehicle causes you definitely some trouble. Due to this sadness and trouble, which may not be healed only with the repair of your vehicle, you are entitled to compensation for the moral damage you suffered due to the property damages caused to your vehicle.


-Guidance for your statement to the Traffic Police

Your statement at Traffic Police is an important stage for your compensation. Omissions or misstatements at your statement may affect negatively your complete vindication, as the defendants may take advantage of them in order to argue their fault or claim that you are jointly responsible for the accident.
-Information on the application course and timely receipt of it.
-Interview for the clarification of the car accident conditions, at our offices, your place or even at the hospital. In is advisable the interview to precede your statement to the Traffic Police.
-Analysis of the car accident’s conditions Picture taking (e.g. from the place of the incident) and plan construction. Other actions to establish your non-responsibility of your involvement to the car accident.
-Collaboration with the service station that repairs your vehicle as well as the expert who has undertaken to compose an estimation of the property damages of your vehicle.
-Collaboration with your doctors for the composition of medical reports attesting your injury and its consequences, as well as the prediction and anticipation of any future injuries or disabilities.